Rose Quartz: South Dakota’s State Mineral

Pink is not a color I particularly care for, but I do like Rose Quartz. I have a few big pieces in my flowerbeds.

My father-in-law had collected a few tractor tires full of different sizes that are kept down at our junk yard.

They occasionally get raided for our yard or to give as souvenirs to guests who are new to visiting South Dakota. I can remember as a kid, the pile of Rose Quartz where we took my aunt from North Carolina to pick through so she could have some pieces of her native South Dakota which she greatly missed, to put in her yard.


It comes in darker and lighter shades of pink.

 I like the darker pink colored Rose quartz the best but any of it spruces up a flowerbed.

A lot of South Dakota’s Rose Quartz is found in the Black Hills. I found some interesting  information about South Dakota’s state mineral through research here.

About ranchwifeslant

Amy writes a humor column based on rural living and ranch life from the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. She and her husband raise their two kids on a fourth generation cow/calf operation near Pringle; the Elk Capital of South Dakota.
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One Response to Rose Quartz: South Dakota’s State Mineral

  1. John Foster says:

    Hi Amy,
    I am a 75 year old sculptor in Lincoln, NE. My wife and I have been looking for good Rose Quartz for a long time and haven’t been able to afford $4 per pound plus shipping.
    I ran across your site while searching the internet and was fascinated by your writing. It sounds like a great life. I really wanted to be a rancher/artist out of high school, but everyone at that time told me I couldn’t make a living pushing cattle.
    At any rate, I saw the Rose Quartz in your photos and wondered if you sell small amounts of the larger clearer pieces. If you do, my wife and I would drive up and purchase some from you…probably about $200 worth.
    Take a look at our website at to see some of the stone flowers I create. Especially the gals seem to like the Rose Quartz blossoms.
    If you don’t sell the Rose Quartz, we wish you all the very best. We really enjoyed your website….John & Annie Foster

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