Life Lessons I’ve Learned, Picked Up, and Adopted

  • ALWAYS offer your help when you’re a guest
  • Spending time in nature has a calming effect
  • Talk and text later; drive now
  • When all else fails, go for a walk to clear the mind and breakthroughs will likely happen
  • If you do your best, nothing else matters
  • Give people more than they expect
  • Grades don’t tell a person how good of a student you are
  • Savor some quiet each day to get your bearings
  • If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, will you have time to do it over?
  • Admitting when your wrong and when you’ve made a mistake goes a long way as well as apologizing first
  • Remain humble and modest and you will be liked: arrogance and self-centeredness is a turnoff
  • Look people in the eye, smile, and give them a firm handshake
  • Never assume anything. Find out for yourself about an issue and also give people the benefit of the doubt first
  • Make your own judgments; don’t accept others’ judgments about someone
  • Be willing to give second chances; you may need the same sometime
  • Send handwritten thank you notes; they leave a bigger impression
  • Be as low maintenance to others as possible
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • There will always be someone wealthier, prettier, (fill in the blank) than you and someone poorer, not as smart, (fill in the blank) as you.
  • Smile and be first in saying a warm greeting to the clerk, checkout person, etc.
  • People, events, and things enter your life for a reason; pay attention to them and the messages they carry for you
  • Always bring a sweatshirt just in case
  • If it was meant to be it will happen
  • You have a choice about what you put in your mind—once its there, it’ll always be there
  • Have courage, be brave, and believe in yourself and others will see the same in you
  • God will take care of you, no matter what happens
  • Things happen to you for reasons that you may not understand right away
  • Kindness is effortless; anger takes work
  • Remember that wherever you go and whatever you do, you represent yourself, your family, your community, and your country
  • If you’re worrying, you should be praying also
  • Things are never as bad as they seem the next day
  • How you live, spend your money, and spend your time are your religion
  • Nobody remembers how fast you did a job, but they will remember how well you did it.
  • Everything you do is creating some kind of memory (good or bad)
  • Sometimes the worst teachers make the best motivators to be better
  • There’s always something positive in every bad situation; look for that positive thing

About ranchwifeslant

Amy writes a humor column based on rural living and ranch life from the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. She and her husband raise their two kids on a fourth generation cow/calf operation near Pringle; the Elk Capital of South Dakota.
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  1. Lee says:

    …alota wisdom for such a young gal……………..

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